Yacht registrations for the ISS Design Awards is now open for all custom yacht or first of a series projects completed, launched, and delivered between January 1 and December 31, 2023.

There is no registration fee required to participate in the awards, making it accessible to all. This inclusive approach encourages a diverse range of participants to join, fostering a vibrant and dynamic competition that further elevates the prestige of the award.

The categories include:

Sail or Power –  Best in Sail 24 – 40m, Best in Sail 40m+, Best in Motor <500 GT (above 24m), Best in Motor 500 <1500 GT, Best in Motor 1500<3000 GT, Best in Motor 3000<5000 GT, Best in Motor 5000 + GT and Refit

To participate, the designated vessel administrator will be required to complete the following steps by March 1:


  • Complete a portfolio, which will be uploaded to a private section on the ISS website that is exclusively dedicated to voting and judging. The portfolio must include an image gallery of the vessel that showcases specific areas, such as the exterior, interior, and technologically advanced special features.
  • The portfolio should include a description of the vessel’s distinctive features and the reasons why it is exceptional compared to other yachts in terms of design, practicality, performance, and craftsmanship. Additionally, any new advancements in yacht design, such as environmental innovations or noteworthy inventions, should be highlighted.
  • Upload a general arrangement plan.
  • Each vessel administrator must obtain permission from the yacht owner for their vessel to participate in the awards process.
The judges, who are selected from among peers, will evaluate the entries based on their design expertise and practical understanding of vessels. It’s important to note that judges will not be permitted to vote in a category if they have a connection with a particular vessel.


The finalists in each category will be informed in advance and requested to submit additional materials for the awards presentation.

The award ceremony will take place at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, October 30, 2024. It is recommended that they have a representative attend the gala to accept the award if they are declared the winner.


Nominate your yacht and join the ranks of the most iconic and groundbreaking superyachts worldwide. We look forward to receiving your nominations soon. Please contact Vanessa Stuart +1 954-525-6625 or e-mail info@superyachtsociety.org if you have any questions.