The International Superyacht Society (ISS) is delighted to announce the successful hosting of three exceptional events during the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show. The Leadership Series, focusing on two topics consisting of “Smart Bridges” and the captivating topic of the “Rising Tide of Mergers and Acquisitions in Yachting”, brought together some of the most influential leaders in the superyacht industry.

In the maritime industry, change is constant, with new challenges and opportunities constantly emerging on the horizon. It is essential to remain at the forefront of this ever-changing landscape by equipping ourselves with the right tools, constant monitoring, insightful analysis, and expert knowledge. Smart Bridges aimed to shed light on these critical aspects and provide valuable insights into the future of navigation in yachting.

We were privileged to have a distinguished panel of speakers who shared their extensive expertise and valuable insights:

Corey Ranslem of Dryad Global, Melissa Orlick of Intellian, David Gratton of Telemar, and Emmanolia Kolias from Mintra, with Norma Trease skillfully moderating the panel and guiding the audience through a Q&A session.

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Rising Tide was attended by over one hundred and twenty attendees that dove into mergers & acquisitions, bringing together some of the most influential leaders in the superyacht industry. It was a privilege to have such esteemed speakers share their insights and expertise with our audience:

Chuck Cashman, Chief Revenue Officer of Marine Max
Norina Edelman, Manager of International Marine Management
Kevin Merrigan, Chairman of Northrop & Johnson
Graeme Lord, Owner of Fairport Yacht Support
Dr. Paolo Bianchi, Chief Executive Officer of White Milestone
Bob Denison, President and Founder of Denison Yachting

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ISS Board Emeritus member Bob Saxon moderated the discussion, and ISS Board Emeritus member Norma Trease led a dynamic and interactive Q&A session with the audience. The collective knowledge and experience shared by these industry leaders was instrumental in fostering a meaningful discussion and expanding our collective understanding of the yachting industry’s future.

Kevin Merrigan, whose company was acquired by Marine Max three years ago, emphasized the critical importance of consistently delivering the highest level of service, noting, “The reality is this is a business, and we cater to high-end luxury clients. Ultimately, you must maintain service at the highest level. Mergers and acquisitions provide the necessary funding for our growth.”

Chuck Cashman, with 31 years of experience in the industry and a firsthand view of Marine Max’s growth, shared valuable insights. He remarked, “A lot of things happen organically. If we initiate 10 deals, we do 2. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but the best.”

During the event, the audience collectively concluded that the most significant risk associated with mergers and acquisitions is the disruption caused by combining and integrating two distinct corporate cultures.

Corey Ranslem, a member of the audience who recently completed a cross-cultural, multinational merger, emphasized the importance of the human factor, stating, “Can we unite teams from around the world to work together?” They dedicated considerable time to developing a solid strategy.

“It’s really hard to give advice on how to do this with a small industry. Timing really is everything,” remarked Greame Lord.

Norina Edelman, a key player in the IMM team, expressed the view that diversity in the industry is valuable, stating, “We are a boutique company. That’s what many of our clients want. There are other clients who want the security of working with someone that has a much larger backing, etc. So, I really do think there is room for both. I think competition is healthy and keeps us all at the top of our game, and I think our clients deserve competition. They need choice.”

It was a privilege to have such esteemed speakers share their insights and expertise with our audience. We extend our sincere gratitude to all attendees for their active participation and contributions. If you were not able to attend, you can access recordings of the seminars on our YouTube channel.

Following the Leadership Series, the Monaco Yacht Show provided a captivating backdrop for the Member’s Reception, allowing industry professionals and enthusiasts to come together, network, and forge meaningful connections. We trust that the bonds formed and rekindled during these events will play a pivotal role in advancing the yacht industry on a global scale.

Thank you to our sponsors who help make these events possible.