Risk Intelligence Analysis in Yachting
Effective tools for managing risk

The number of significant incidents has increased in recent months, including fires, flooding, and groundings. These events have the potential to result in devastating and life threatening occurrences. Is there really an increase or do we just need to better inform the industry? If there is truly an increase, is there a general issue with how risk is managed on yachts? Join us to discuss recent events and learn how to be better equipped to mitigate these risks.

  • What tools are needed to assist with this?
  • What is the Underwriters perspective regarding risk intelligence management?
  • What approach should yachts take to proactively prepare to prevent such disasters?
  • Why are flooding and grounding incidents occurring?
  • Will e-bikes, scooters, or tools powered by Lithium-Ion batteries be banned onboard superyachts.
  • What is the proper method for monitoring EV-Tenders, Submersibles, or Personal Watercraft?
  • Is there early warning technology available to combat this very real risk?
  • Have regulations or specific processes been established?
  • Which fire suppression method should be used?
  • Where can crew be best trained to be able to best respond these fast-escalating circumstances?
  • How does the existing regulatory framework sit with the advent of new technologies, particularly in light of the proliferation of lithium-ion battery systems?

All these questions and more will be answered on the 29th. Join us for an engaged and informative discussion on this pressing matter for all Owners, Management and Crew.

Date: 29 September. Doors open at 9AM. Seminar begins at 9:30AM.
Location: Monaco Yacht Show – Stars ‘n’ Bars Stardeck, PRINCIPAUTE DE, 6 Quai Antoine 1er, 98000 Monaco

Corey Ranslem, Dryad Globa

Dan Shacklock, Millstream Underwriting Limited
Engel De Boer, Lloyds
Michael Pavluk, FRANKENTEK
Steve Monk, DG Maritime

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Sponsored by FRANKENTEK. For over 35 years, we have been paving the way in Superyacht security technology.


About the Panel

Corey D. Ranslem, Dryad Global Corey is currently the CEO of Dryad Global, a position he assumed in June of 2022 after the merger of his company International Maritime Security Associates, INC. (IMSA) and Drayd Global. Corey and his business partner started IMSA in 2013. He has worked in various aspects of the maritime security and risk intelligence industry for the past 28 years in both the public and private sector working with ports, cargo lines, cruise lines and large yachts. He is a recognized expert in U.S. Federal Court in issues involving maritime time security and regulatory compliance.  Dryad Global helps clients around the world better understand the maritime risks and threats they face and how to mitigate those threats.  Dryad Global is also a maritime cybersecurity company that provides solutions to protect the critical ship to shore link while incorporating regulatory compliance. Corey spent eight years in the U.S. Coast Guard and worked for a large defense contractor concentrating on maritime and Coast Guard Operations.  He holds an MBA in international business from Georgetown University.

Dan Shacklock, Millstream Underwriting Limited Dan began his career in insurance after enrolling in the first Lloyd’s of London Insurance apprenticeship in 2012. Since the apprenticeship Dan initially worked in a claim’s handling role gaining first-hand experience of yacht claims on both large superyachts and smaller pleasure craft. For the last 7 years Dan has worked in an Underwriting position underwriting multiple marine insurance classes including superyachts, racing yachts, marina liability, yacht repair facilities/manufacturers liability and yacht construction/refit insurance. Dan is now the Deputy Head of Marine at Millstream Underwriting (previously known as Hiscox MGA) but always operating under the same brand name as ‘Yachtsure’.

 Engel De Boer, Lloyds Engel joined LR in 1996 in London. Following the completion of the LR graduate training scheme he went on to hold a variety of technical and business development roles in North Europe and abroad as ship surveyor, TSO Manager and Commercial Manager. Engel has been co-ordinating the yacht segment from commercial, technical, and marketing point of view including representing LR during industry and governmental meetings since the year 2000. He is always looking for solutions and driving LR as well as the industry forward.

Michael Pavluk, FRANKENTEK Began his career in the electronic security & fire detection industry in 1982 and expanded the company’s capabilities in 1986 by utilizing industrial touchscreen automation control of HVAC and Lighting control systems. Became Partner and Vice President of Operations of Frankentek Inc. in 1994. Developed Frankentek Inc. into a custom AVIT electronics design, engineering, and project management firm by collaborating with architects and interior designers. Frankentek became a perennial award-winning bespoke electronic systems company in private residences in the U.S. and Caribbean. Further, assisted in development of Frankentek Yacht Security. Corresponding with the introduction of ISPS code in 2004, helped established Frankentek Yacht Security Systems as a dedicated entity for the purpose of assisting super yacht captains achieve ISPS requirements by utilizing electronic security methods. Since that time, opened Frankentek Europe B.V. in the Netherlands, privileged to be part of the superyacht community, completed many projects including several of the world’s largest yachts, continuing to innovate and enhance Awareness Systems for owner, guest, and crew.

Steve Monk, DG Maritime Steve Monk has spent most of his life at sea on a range of vessels both sail and power driven. With more salt water than blood running through his veins, he remains passionate about the water and the encouragement of others to push themselves in the challenges thrown up by the sea. A 22 year career in the Royal Navy through 15 ships saw him rise from junior aircraft mechanic to Navigator of the Fleet Flag Ship and aircraft carrier, HMS ARK ROYAL. Leaving the Royal Navy in 2009 he established Da Gama Maritime, a company providing navigation management and on board crew training to both Superyachts and Commercial ships. Expansion through reputation and professionalism alone has meant the company now employs a number of ex-military subject matter experts to enhance safety at sea. An author of numerous safety related maritime articles he can regularly be found pushing Flag States to enhance policy and procedures. Command qualified (Royal Navy CQ2) Steve is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation, an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute and has been awarded Chartered Master Mariner status. Sitting on the ISS Education Committee as well as the Education and Training committee of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners and an active member of the International Hydrographic Office Crowd Source Bathymetry working group, he strives to enhance standards from both a crew and regulatory perspective. With many years of experience in driving ships of all sizes, he provides consultancy advice and instruction to Superyachts, Merchant ships and military forces around the world, as well as the industry suppliers to assist mariners in maintaining safety at sea.