The superyacht industry is comprised of exceptional individuals and businesses that deserve recognition, and the International Superyacht Society’s Awards of Distinction were created to honor their excellence.

Perhaps the nominee is sitting next to you at this moment. Consider a supplier comes to mind or a forward-thinking innovator or a company committed to providing breakthroughs for resource protection and green technologies.

The awards ceremony is a highlight of the superyacht calendar, attracting industry leaders and yacht enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate the best in yachting. The winners will be announced at the International Superyacht Society’s Design & Leadership Awards Gala on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at the Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale Beach. All nominations are welcome.

Artisan Award
In every aspect of yacht construction, artisans can be found holding a welding torch or a chisel, working with needle and thread or handling precious materials. Whether the work is permanently visible in the finished vessel or out of sight, their talent displays exceptional craftsmanship.

Distinguished Crew Award
This award acknowledges the yacht crew who have demonstrated exceptional acts of service that exemplify the high standards to which professional yacht crew aspire, within the past year.

Excellence in Improving Yachting
This award seeks to recognize an individual or group working for our future to improve our build standards to conserve, rejuvenate and retain our blue waters. Their efforts will enable future generations to sail the oceans with a heightened awareness and appreciation for centuries to come.

Excellence in Technology Award
Open to every aspect of the application of technology to enhance yachts—with an emphasis on innovation and ingenuity—the Excellence in Technology award is given to a company that has demonstrated the successful application of new or enhanced intelligent design, use of materials, machinery or systems to advance the state-of-the-art of yachting.