2018 Gala Video12/5/2018

We are thrilled to bring to you the glitz and glamor from this year's Design & Leadership Awards Gala, thanks to Between Two Yeti’s. By day they were behind the scenes getting shots of the show’s final rehearsal and by night they went ‘speed dating’ at the reception. After the awards ceremony, they teamed up with Ken Hickling at the after party to work the crowd and meet the glamorous attendees, award sponsors and nominated participants. This is the first time ever the awards were filmed in their entirety and are now available to watch online.



One night a year the superyacht community comes together to celebrate its achievements at the International Superyacht Society's Design and Leadership Awards Gala. Created in 1990, the prestigious International Superyacht Society's awards focus attention on the outstanding achievements in construction and design of Superyachts. Finalists for the Awards are selected from a list of eligible vessels above 24 meters which were completed in the previous calendar year. All active members of the International Superyacht Society can select up to five yachts in each category that they deem to be best-in-class. After the finalist are chosen, the yachts go to a final judging process to give us our winners. 

Here is your cheat-sheet timeline in case you can’t sit through the whole show (but we recommend you grab a bag of popcorn and let Ken and Christina take you through the awards).

1:56           Bob Saxon - Welcome and Introduction 

6:29           Joe Purtell - Out Going Judges

10:34         Christina Norris and Ken Hickling - Take the stage

13:14         Glen Allen of Fleet Miami presents Best Power 24 - 40m

18:21         Kaj van Alem of Awlgrip presents Best Power 40 - 65m

23:58         Jonathan Beckett of Burgess presents Best Power 65m+

29;16         John Venables of Naiad Dynamics presents Technical Award

35:02         Ole-Kristian Sivertsen of Priva presents Business Person of the Year

40:42         Gary Groenewold of Westrec Marina’s presents The Distinguished Crew Award

45:09         Katie Ross of Quantum Marine presents the Artisan Award

51:08         Kristen Klein of Northrop and Johnson presents Best Sail 24 – 40m

53:39         Melissa Orlick of IsoTropic Networks presents Best Sail 40m+

55:52         Bob Saxon on Behalf of Informa presents Best Refit

59:50         Joel Walton of Cayman Registry and Erik Schiffezbian of WMG presents PYC Recognition Award

1:04:36      Erin Ackor of Moore & Co presents Best Interior

1:06:55      Iris Bosschaart of Oceanco and Fabien Cousteau presents the Fabien Cousteau Blue Award

1:15:35      Jody Dunowitz of the Robb Report presents the Leadership Award

1:27:47      Bob Saxon & Michael Moore present Presidents Award to AJ Anderson

1:32:31      Closing Remarks and Credits

To catch the reception and after party episodes, jump over to the ISS or the Between Two Yeti’s Facebook page.

There are so many positive things happening within the ISS organization at the moment, and 2019 is gearing up to be our most exciting year to date.

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P.S.- Did you miss the first episode of Behind the Wrap? If so, jump over to our Facebook pages or the Between Two Yeti website and get caught up now. Episode 2 will be going LIVE December 14, just before Christmas.

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