ISS - ISO Initiative11/12/2018

The International Superyacht Society (ISS) is seeking to have a voice within the International Standards Organization (ISO) by becoming a Liaison. Industry experts & Liaison organisations drive all aspects of the standard development process, from deciding whether a new standard is needed to defining all the technical content. Getting involved in this process can bring significant advantages to ISS. For example by:

-       Giving early access to information to ISS members that could shape the market in the future

-       Giving ISS members a voice in the development of standards

-       Helping to keep market access open

The ISS Technical Committee, lead by Pete Southgate of Cayman Islands MACI and Jo Assael of Döhle Yachts Technical Services, is working to become a “Category A” Liaison within ISO TC8/S12 Large Yachts. This type of liaison make an effective contribution to the work of the technical subcommittee. Such organizations are given access to all relevant documentation and are invited to meetings. They may also nominate experts from its members to participate in a Working Group. 

ISS President, AJ Anderson, highlights this initiative as an example of the Society providing the large yacht industry opportunity and results. 


Watch this Space.

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