Behind the Wrap with the ISS starts October 201810/17/2018

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla, (October 17, 2018) - Between Two Yeti’s and the International Superyacht Society (ISS) have partnered to present a 12-part series called ‘Behind the Wrap’ to be aired as part of The Between Two Yeti ‘s new LIVE show platform.


Each month a selected panel will look behind the façade of wealth, exotic locations and glamor of the Superyacht World and discuss the real issues affecting the people who work in the industry.


The LIVE show panel is made up from a regular host with up to 4 pre-selected panelists who work within the industry. The aim is to create a casual, informed, professional discussion around some very delicate topics that too often aren’t discussed in a public forum.


For a full overview of the format of the show go to


Lee Savage, Master and Commander at Between Two Yeti’s said, ”Over the past year we have very much focused on the people in the industry and have, at all costs, tried to avoid sales pitches, politics and talking tech. The LIVE show gives us a platform on which we can bring a human intimacy and interaction to real issues in the industry in a way normally only done on stages at conferences or behind closed doors among friends. The ISS is one of the most respected groups within the Superyacht arena and we could not have chosen a better partner to be kicking off our LIVE show format.”


Each episode will be LIVE-streamed directly through the Between Two Yeti Facebook and Youtube channels, with a fully transcribed audio and video edition available after the broadcast on the Between Two Yeti website and as a downloadable podcast on iTunes.


A full range of topics related specifically to the Superyacht sector of the industry will be covered.


About Between Two Yeti’s

Between Two Yeti’s is a media outlet that is changing the way our industry shares ideas, expertise and experiences. Among the people, the companies and the organizations, the marine industry is one of the most diverse, international and fun-loving in the world. Between Two Yeti’s engages with business owners, crew, suppliers, and owners to tell the stories of the people - outrageous and true - in a professionally casual style.


About International Superyacht Society (ISS)

ISS was founded in 1989 and represents the large yacht industry. Their mission is delivered by building alliances worldwide with regional and functional associations; to serve as a communications conduit for issues affecting the marketplace, owners, crew and industry members; and to recognize achievement as well as provide educational opportunities and networking events. The organization is member driven and reliant on the volunteer work of Board and regular members supported by the marketing and administrative staff. Their funding comes from the members and sponsors which in turn enables the ISS to work on initiatives that benefit the large yacht industry as a whole.


Watch LIVE this Friday, October 19 at 12pm EST. 

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